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Simon and Jane wanted to get rid of their old handrail which was becoming an antique in their otherwise sleek modern styled home. The rippled glass and chunky handrail was unfitting.

They proposed a floor to ceiling spindle design which created a partial barrier between the stairs and hallway, but also made for a stunning visual piece from many angles.

To make the new installation fit in with their stylish home and also to fit onto the existing woodwork I made all bespoke parts for them.

The lower and top rails for the spindles to sit in, the spindles themselves and the handrail to match the old one were all made specially by me.

They later decided to add the handrail, which I made to match the spindles.


Simon and Jane B. -Dore


Removing the old handrail. (I kept the glass from it and have since used it to create a light.)

Making bespoke Oak parts for the installation.